Covid Day 1

April 16, 2020

Here we are Day 1. Working from home, and my mind wandered to the effects this may be having in our community.

I watched Jimmy Fallon last night and his kids were climbing all over him with extra energy and well, I could more than relate. Remember Lilly, my 3-year-old granddaughter, lives with me too. After adapting to my new work environment, I thought it would be nice to get out, feel the warmth in the air and take my granddaughter for a jog, and just feel normal for a day.  We jogged by “HER” park, and then I remembered, it was closed. This isn’t normal at all.  I wasn’t going to let it ruin my day. I explained it was closed due to the pandemic. You could see the wheels in her head spinning and thinking, what in the world was a pandemic?  Poor baby, I have overwhelmed her little brain, when mine is certainly spinning as well.

Still being outside, it was so peaceful. I had never seen so many families playing outside, walking their dogs, waving, and noticing their neighbors (from afar) AND HEADS UP because they were completely unplugged like me... probably tired of seeing all the doom and gloom.

I thought in that moment…WOW this is an extraordinary time. Whether we like it or not, TOGETHER we are changing behavior. Why don’t we take advantage of this now while we have the time and be a little more prepared then we’ve been able to in the past. Because after all, I know we all want to do these things but just never get around to doing them.

I have some additional thoughts that came to mind.

  1. Plan for those emergencies. I ordered flash drives for clients, future clients and those we care about most. I will be mailing them out soon for anyone who’s interested. Take a little time to upload any important documents your loved ones may need, such as Wills, POA’s, Medical Directives.
  2. Don’t forget to jot down important ICE persons who would need to know this information or whom we would need to contact or who may act on your behalf in case of emergency.
  3. Take pictures of your doctors/contacts and any medications you currently take. Upload this information too.
  4. Once complete, you may reach out to my team, so if anything were to happen, your family will know to reach out to me for guidance.
  5. Pull out your life insurance policies, check your beneficiaries, and let them know who they are. Maybe it’s time to review your coverage and consider more or the right type of coverage you need.  Let me schedule an exam to get the ball rolling. We are home anyway, right? And, it doesn’t cost a thing.

When this pandemic is over, we can circle back and review what coverage you may need. The hard part is over, so why not?

Let’s use this time to not only cherish those moments together today but prepare for those we love the most for our future.  

And with that thought in mind, as I rounded the neighborhood on the jog back home, even though Lilly was super sad, and (in HER WORDS), “My park is closed…Lots of Panademic.” I smiled inside, knowing this too will pass as I am confident it will open one day soon.

Join me in this incredible opportunity to work together as one, because let’s face it…none of us know if tomorrow will ever come.  

Please use my team as your resource now or sometime in the future, because we do deeply care about you.

Take Care and Stay Healthy!

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