Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

September 01, 2020

So, the world ended a few months back, and so did my desire to stay fit.  I was informed by my “MD” about a year ago that I should just burn more calories than what I take in. He said THAT would keep me in check with my slowing metabolism. Well yeah, duh!  But my body isn’t responding the same anymore.

So, I started working with a trainer.  He looked at where I was, my goals were and developed an exercise plan for me.  Then well, about Valentine’s Day, the world stopped turning. After 4 months, I finally decided I had to venture out. But not by really going out...

I invited my trainer to come to the house instead.  On the day he was to arrive, I suddenly thought, “Oh goodness, what have I done?”  He’ll be in my space.  He can see how I live, what I eat.  I was actually embarrassed.  Will he see how I’ve slacked off?  Will he notice the Oreos sitting out on the counter?  Probably!  But I realized, if I wanted to accomplish my goals, I had to get out of my comfort zone and let him in.  Then I started thinking…

That’s how many people must feel when they meet with me.  That same vulnerability.  It can be scary or maybe even embarrassing.  But it shouldn’t be.  Yes, you are financially “undressing” in front of me.  But how do we really know what to work on until we open up and trust someone with our goals, dreams and yes, even our fears?

Seeing people like me might be painful.  I get it.  But it’s been long enough.  It's time to venture out!  Get out of your comfort zone!  Speak to an advisor with the experience to help guide you.  Let her see your financial situation and create a plan for you.  Let her into your space, as uncomfortable as it may feel.  If not for yourself, do it for your loved ones.  And don’t feel ashamed to share the fact that secretly.... you love your Oreos!


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