Safety and Trust

October 13, 2020

Recently I realized we were almost into the holiday season and Thanksgiving was only a few weeks away.  And as I reflected on that, I thought how grateful I was for all of those who have placed their trust in me, especially during these challenging times.  It reminded me of 25 years ago when I was very protective new mother.  Almost no one was allowed to hold my little girl, and everyone had to wash their hands first!  I was scared to take her anywhere. I remember the first time we went out to eat.  It was Christmas Eve at Steak and Ale. Before I carried her in, I went in to inspect the place.  I made sure it was clean and wasn’t too crowded, too loud or too cold. When I noticed a bit of a draft from the ceiling fan, I asked the manager to turn it off. Yes, I was a nervous first-time mother. Overprotective?  Probably.  But feeling safe and being able to trust others was, and still is, important for me.

Fast forward to 2020, feeling safe has become quite a concern hasn’t it?  For me, those same fears came to light as I began to venture out earlier this year.  I was having to trust that others were doing the right things.  Then it occurred to me, my ability to help guide others financially relies on that very thing - TRUST.  My clients are trusting that I am doing what is in their best interest.

Now, I have always hated it when someone says, “You can trust me...”  How do I know that?  Trust is earned by our actions - the promises we make and how well we follow through on them.  I believe, as an advisor, it’s important to tell people up front what you are committed to doing.  Here are a few of the promises I routinely make to my clients.

I commit to:

  1. Putting your goals before all else.

  2. Listening and understanding your concerns, fears, and objectives.

  3. Providing you with advice and strategies as if you were family.

  4. Staying in touch in good economic times and bad.

  5. Educating you on where your money is going and what it’s doing for you.

  6. Providing a comprehensive review at least once per year.

  7. Maintaining a plan for servicing your accounts should anything ever happen to me.

  8. Holding myself and my team accountable to keeping our promises while providing a high level of service to you.

So how do you know you can trust?  It’s not always easy.  Often, it’s just a feeling we get. We know what comforts us, what gives us peace.  Each person is different.  Think about those qualities that are important to you.  Look for an advisor who can fulfill those qualities, then you’ll feel more confident to move forward with her guidance.  Don’t be afraid to ask someone to make adjustments - like I did for my baby girl all those years ago.  And well, if you haven’t heard this enough by now…always wash your hands.


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